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Rodeo Ride Along

Rodeo Ride Along

Regular price $250

(Price varies based on location)
"Want to be my hauling partner for a day? Now you can!" The Rodeo Ride Along Package was created so that one lucky gal gets the experience of a life lifetime & a behind the scenes look at a trip to a Pro Rodeo. From start to finish, you will get to see every mile and every moment.

"I wish that I was able to have this experience as a barrel racing hopeful. Topics that we will discuss with you are wide open - anything you want to ask. Of course you'll see our get ready routine and run analysis afterwards and our travel considerations and hauling routines etc." -Jenna

For each of the rodeos listed, we will be departing from just south of Oklahoma City, OK. You are responsible for meeting us ON TIME at the agreed upon location - if you would like to meet us along the route to the rodeo, we can pick you up as well! Once your spot is purchased, we will give you the exact departure time and expected return time as well as all the details that you'll need to know!

***Age limit is 16 (If you are under that age and still wish to be considered, please e-mail your contact info as well as your parent's information. You may still be suitable to participate; determined on a case by case basis.)

***If you purchase a Rodeo Ride Along spot, a phone interview WILL be conducted and additional documents MAY also be required (resume, references, letter of recommendation, etc.)

***We have the right to refuse the right to travel with any person, for any reason

***Price may be different for each rodeo and is determined by hours in the truck as well as performance/slack and overall rodeo experience! The further the drive - the more time for questions & learning! The bigger the rodeo - the more prestigious competitors / proximity / responsibility of participant and pressure on us as competitors.

***Keep in mind that one coaching call for a 1/2 hour is $150 -- so you're getting a really awesome deal and a once in a lifetime opportunity!

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail