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eBook: Guide to Entering

eBook: Guide to Entering

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”Entering rodeos will make or break your season. You can enter

correctly to give yourself a HUGE advantage, or you can enter like

a Rookie and set yourself up to fail. Whether it’s poor roads to get to

the arena, no place to keep your horses, rodeos that are out of the

way, an alley or gate set-up I didn’t like, I’ve certainly learned a

lot over the course of my Rookie year and time spent filling my


To summarize the knowledge I’ve picked up into 10 crucial tips

was challenging, but I know you can all benefit from it greatly. It

isn’t often that a barrel racer is willing to share her secrets from the

road, so please -- take advantage! These are the 10 questions that I

ask myself before entering any Pro Rodeo so that you can avoid

making the same mistakes that I have made in the past! Everyone

knows that rodeo is a financially taxing game, so every question

is designed to maximize your odds to win and keep MORE of your

winnings in your pocket! Think outside the box, do what others

aren’t willing to do, study, prepare, DO MORE than the

competition! Here is your homework before you enter...”

-xoxo Jenna