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Flag Girl Academy

Flag Girl Academy

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**Learn how to become an NFR Flag Girl**
6 week LIVE course taught via private Facebook Group 


Join my sister Trisha & I for a 6 week program where you will learn everything you will ever need to know about being a Flag Girl and how to apply & get noticed to ride on the National Finals Rodeo Team!! With over 19 years of combined experience, we have picked up SEVERAL tips and tricks that you simply cannot get anywhere else! Once you purchase, a link to a private Facebook Group will be sent. This is where the LIVE classroom & sessions will be held - but available forever for your reference. You will also be able to submit your resume & audition packet for us to personally review! Here's a breakdown of what we will be learning --->



WEEK 1: The Fundamentals Behind the Success
In week one we lay the foundation for flag girl success, no matter what arena you’re riding in or what team you’re trying out for. Getting the fundamentals and the basics right is mission critical for every ride & every rodeo. Before going any further in your flag girl career, you have to make sure you’re nailing this stuff. These simple tips and suggestions are commonly overlooked, and it’s actually where we see most NFR Flag Girl hopefuls shoot themselves in the foot... In this week, we'll take you by the hand to show you crucial, specific tips to ensure we look sharp in the arena.

WEEK 2: The Job
Week two begins by showing you what you’re actually getting into while applying to be an NFR Flag Girl. While this is one of the coolest experiences you’ll ever have, you’re being hired for a job. First and foremost, you have to understand what that means and what you’ll be asked to do. From riding horses you’ve never been on before, to interacting with World Champions, after week 2 you’ll know exactly what to expect and how to handle every scenario.

WEEK 3: Submission Tape & Audition Packet
In week 3 we get specific and picky... It's time to identify yourself as a stand out in the large pile of audition tapes and make sure you get noticed. Find out exactly what the judges will be looking for and what things can get you thrown out of the competition! Check out mock audition tapes and see examples of what to do & what not to do. (THIS WEEK WE WILL MAKE ACTUAL SUBMISSIONS & SEND IN WHAT WE HAVE BUILT!)

WEEK 4: Finals & Try - Outs
Week 4 is HUGE! Here, we teach you how to stand out at try outs in Las Vegas and what to expect when you are chosen as a finalist. Learn how to set yourself up for success, how to practice, what patterns to expect, what the horses might be like, how the whole process works! You don’t want to goto Finals without previewing this vital insider information. As a judge, announcer, and helper - we have seen Finals from all angles.

WEEK 5: How NOT to Get Fired
One of the most overlooked (but important) aspects to being an NFR Flag Girl is making sure you do a good enough job.... good enough that you're sure to be asked back the following year! With huge turn over of NFR Flag Girls every single year, learn how to go above and beyond to help secure your spot on the team and ensure everyone you work for and/or around loves having you in that position!

WEEK 6: The Magic of the NFR
Week 6 is all about utilizing your position and proximity to some of the top rodeo athletes in the world. Find out how / when / when NOT to approach a contestant, sponsor, or other influencer in the Rodeo Industry and how to make the most of your time in Las Vegas in this once in a lifetime position. Learn who you should know, who's who among staff and higher ups, and where to find them -- but most importantly -- what to do and say when your paths cross and how to leave a lasting, good impression!

BONUS: Practice Interview Topics & Questions!
One of the most powerful interview tools at Finals is being confident and prepared; combining practice questions with the ability to think on your feet and speak educatedly on several topics. See what Trisha & Jenna recommend to study!